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PAWPUP Dog Towel

Pack of 2 super absorbent microfiber towels, extremely soft, multi-purpose, quick-drying, naturally antibacterial towels comes in very pleasant colors grey and brown. Each of these premium microfiber pet towels is 100x60cm in size.

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Microfiber Towel for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets

Are you hunting for a quick pet drying solution? Well, then our microfiber pet towel is idealistic perfect choice for your pets.

Pack of 2 towels

£14.99 GBP


Having more than 200,000 fibers in every inch our microfiber towel dries your pets instantly.


Crafted with the highest quality microfiber material. Highly durable, sturdy, and long-lasting towels.


Stretch it, Squeeze it. Our pet towel is quite sturdy and durable. It will last long to keep your dog warm and dry


Don’t like hand washing pet towels? Well, worry not because this pet drying towel is 100% machine washable

Key Features of our Microfiber Pet Towel



PAWPUP pet towel features high-quality, softer, and long-lasting microfiber material does not fade or deform after multiple washes


Pet-friendly material made with 80% polyester and 80% polyamide helps in quick drying without leaving a wet doggy odor


The premium microfiber pet towel is 100% machine washable


The ideal comfort towels for your pet’s to keep them warm and cozy



Customer Feeback

What I love the most about this towel is that you do not have to hand-wash it. Like whenever I am done drying my dog, I put the towel in the washing machine, and it comes out clean, without a single tear

Ben Carson

I remember having to purchase pet towels every month. I had to set aside a separate budget for dogs. But, after switching to PAWPUP towels, I have not bought a single towel. This durable towel works wonders

Claire Hudson

The PAWPUP Microfiber towel has saved me a lot of trouble that comes with showering dogs. It absorbs all the wetness quickly. Highly recommended

Amy Williams

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