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Walking down the store easel or browsing through the online pet store-you must have seen most of the pet bath towels made from microfiber. Yes, we’ve other materials too, such as cotton and polyester. But, the one that dominates the market is microfiber. PAWPUP manufactures microfiber dog towels, and so do lots of other pet product companies. But why?

What is so special about microfiber, and how does it cater to your dog’s needs? Well,  if all these questions are swarming in your head, then hold your horses back and calm down. We have dug down into the deepest research pits to get all of these queries resolved. It took a lot of time, but it’s worth it knowing that your pet is in safe hands.

Read more to unravel what is a microfiber and how it is beneficial for your little pup

Understanding Microfiber Material

Microfiber resembles a lot of different materials. It’s common for people to mistake polyester and cotton dog drying towels for microfiber. So, before we get into evaluating pros, let us clarify the basics first. The microfiber material refers to a fabric type woven from polyester and nylon fiber. Together, the polyester and nylon fibers create a strong, absorbent, and flexible material.

Different manufacturers use different blends for microfiber production.  Usually, it is 80-percent polyester and 20-percent nylon (also called polyamide). As it is a mixture, the resultant fabric does not have the same properties as a pure polyester or nylon towel. Microfiber holds a reputation for attracting dust particles and debris. It is due to the presence of static charges of nylon.

During manufacturing, a chemical reaction causes the fibers to split, leaving lots of positive electric charges.  When we wipe something using microfiber, these electric charges attract dirt and debris to cling to the fabric. Thus, enabling microfiber to clean efficiently.

Apart from this, have you ever wondered as to why microfiber pet towels are so thin? Well, the microfibers possess approximately one-sixteenth thick than human hair There are over 200,000-fibers in every inch of the fabric. Hence, making microfiber four times as effective as a regular cleaning cloth. So, are microfiber bath towels good? Let’s discuss it in detail below!

What are the Benefits of Microfiber Towels?

The best dog drying towel is one comprising microfiber; this is a popular opinion amongst pet owners.  We know microfiber is a sturdy, absorbent, and flexible material. But, talking about in context to pet dogs, here are some things you should know:

High Absorbing Potential

A typical microfiber towel contains 200,000+ fibers in every single inch. Thus, it is capable of absorbing seven times more than its weight. It forms a super-absorbent dog towel that soaks water and other stuff quickly. Unlike traditional cleaners and rags, the microfiber pet towel does not leave any dirt, debris, or residue behind. It traps every particle and soaks every liquid thoroughly. Hence, leaving your dog’s fur clean and neat.

What’s more, research shows microfiber is 99-percent effective in removing bacteria than bleach (Bleach exhibits only 92-percent effectiveness). So, it is an excellent material for disinfecting and ensuring maximum safety for your pup.

Soft and Non-Irritating

Microfiber has amazing flexibility and softness due to its unique composition. If you must have observed, microfiber tends to slip a little when holding it. It can smoothly slide over things. So, it is quite good for wrapping around all dog breeds. You can use it for every dog, from poodles to the Great Dane. The material stretches for larger dogs. So, you can dry them pretty nicely.

Plus, the softness of the material can get even the most grumpy dog comfy and cozy in your lap. Microfiber does not irritate any dog skin or fur. It won’t snag or cause discomfort of any sort. The microfiber dog towels are also breathable. Hence, your dog’s fur won’t become sweaty and smelly after wrapping for long hours.


Believe it or not, a microfiber pet towel is environmental-friendly too. How? Well, its green nature lies more in its properties than composition. The material can soak a lot of liquid in a single go. So,  you do not have to use much water when cleaning and wiping things. Moreover, the fabric picks most of the dirt and debris. As a result, you do not have to rely on chemicals and cleaners for the best results. So, in the long run, microfiber helps conserve water and maintain a toxic-free cleaning.

Cost Reduction

Another benefit of using microfiber pet towels is that you’ll be saving a lot of money over time.  The initial cost of microfiber pet towels is indeed high. However, once bought, you won’t have to spend on drying towels for a very long time. Microfiber towels are sturdy and damage-resistant. They can last pretty long, even when washed frequently in the machine.

Improved Safety

As mentioned earlier, a microfiber pet towel removes 99-percent of bacteria and eradicates all the dirt from the surface. So, when using it for dog drying, you are ensuring the safety of your furry pal too. Your pet will not only get dry faster, but it will stay cleaner too. Hence, protecting it from diseases and potential health concerns.

Why We Don’t Choose Cotton?

Now that we have evaluated all the pros of using a microfiber pet towel, you must be wondering why we don’t opt for cotton.  Well, first things first, microfiber is way lot beneficial than cotton. Cotton is one of the fabric types driven by natural fibers and organic methods.  It is 100-percent environment-friendly and safe.

However, it does not soak up half of what microfiber can soak.  You will have to either use a thick cotton towel or lots of them to dry your pup. Also, cotton dries up to be wrinkly and crinkly.  Hence, making the fabric uncomfortable for your furry pal.

In a nutshell, microfiber towels are certainly good for your pet dog. You can check out PAWPUP’s microfiber pet towel right here