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It’s a cloud nine feeling to adopt your first dog. When you hold your pup, there’s a sudden connection with them like a parent with their kids. But when you are a pup parent, maintaining their hygiene is your utmost responsibility. So if you are a newbie, today we will tell you how often you should bathe your dog.

Bathing your pup is vital to keep them healthy, but their cleaning regime should be uniform with time. So let’s not wait and discuss how often you should wash your dog.

How Often Should You Clean Your Dog? A Detailed Answer

According to our observation, wash the dog when it stinks badly. The reason behind this nonspecificity is the variation in dog breeds and health situations. However, if we want to have the average frequency, a pet parent should bathe their dog once every three to four weeks.

Even in this time-lapse range, there are variations. The maximum gap between your dog’s bathing should be three months. If you give more intervals in their cleaning regime, you can risk your pup’s hygiene.

With the proper gap, wash your canine with the best shampoo available for them, groom them during the bath, and dry them with the best dog bath towel present.

Factors Affecting Your Dog’s Bathing Schedule

There are many dog breeds available with a ton of variation in them. Therefore, every kind of dog requires extra care. We cannot explain all the breed’s bathing regimes. Instead, we have taken out the main factors that decide how often you should bathe your dog. These influencing factors we have mentioned below

1.    Coat Type

Different dog breeds have different thicknesses of dog coats. Some have almost no fur, while others carry a lot of it. And because of that, the bathing intervals are varied for each of them. Some of the examples are mentioned below.

  • Medium to a Thick Fur Coat

Dogs with these kinds of coats (example: collie and Huskies) require extra attention. The first reason is that their thick fur sheds on different seasons, depending on their race. Secondly, there is more dirt and gunk accumulation in their furs in contrast to no-fur breeds.

Considering these reasons, we would recommend you bathe your thick-coated dog once every four to five weeks. We ask you to do so because you don’t want to strip off their natural oils secretion. These oils production in dogs keeps them insulated and their skin non-itchy.

  • No Fur Dogs

After reading the bathing treatment of thick coat dogs, you might think that you should bathe these dogs after a few weeks or months too. There’s the place where you’re mistaken. In case of a hairless dog race, you should bathe them one time a week.

We bathe them with this short interval for the removal of oil build-up in their hairless skin.

  • Corded Dogs

A dog like Puli is a great example of a corded dog. These dogs don’t stink like regular ones. Moreover, its corded coat nature makes bathing sessions difficult. So until your corded breed stinks a lot, you don’t need to bathe them. Instead, take care of their fur and they are all good.

2.    Health Conditions

Before scheduling those amazing grooming sessions of your canine, make sure to check out the allergies sections. Some dogs have sensitive skin and don’t require frequent bathing, and when they do, they should have some soft dog drying towel to keep their skin safe. At the same time, others show different allergies, and you have to be careful while choosing their shampoo.

3.    Your Pup’s Activities

If you keep your dog often indoors, then don’t show any rush to shower them often. But if your canine loves outdoor dirt and puddles, then you should consider bathing them. The short formula of determining their next shower session is to smell them and think if you bear their foul odor or looks more or not.

Tips to Bathe Your Dog

Till now, we talked about your dog’s bathing schedule planning. Now, it’s time to discuss some tips for new canine parents to imply while maintaining their dog.

Comb Them Often

In between bathing intervals, use a good comb to detangle your dog’s fur often. In this way, you will lose their shedding overcoat, and they will feel light and good.

Shampoo Selection

It would be best if you would choose your dog’s shampoo considering its need and fur type. If your dog has sensitive skin and more undercoat, use a de-shedding shampoo to keep their skin healthy while removing extra hair.

Efficient Drying

Nobody wants a wet dog running around the entire house. To solve this issue, you will need a good-quality microfiber towel to do the job. Our favorite is the PAWPUP microfiber dog towel, as it absorbs maximum moisture in a minimum time. We highly recommend getting one if you don’t want wet dog trails on your clean floor.

Keep Your Dog Comfortable

Most of the canines don’t like bathing sessions, and it’s normal. All you need to do is to keep them calm and relaxed. To do so, you can put some CBD extract drops in their ears to soothe them.

A bathtub or kid’s outdoor pool will serve the purpose of washing them. Moreover, if you want to keep your dog standing at one place during the entire cleaning session, get a licking pad and cover it with some peanut butter. If you follow these tips, your canine will enjoy the whole bathing session.

Final words

This article comprises all the answers regarding the utmost query, which is, “how often should you bathe your dog?”. To summarize our response, you should clean your pup once every three to six weeks with the best dog towels to dry them. But it all depends on the need and other factors that we discussed.

We hope that this article explained your query in the best way possible. We hope to see you again with a great pup-related article.